Astel Corporation is the worldwide distributor for this limited Senna Bronze Statue .
Limited edition of 1,000. 200 pieces already sold in Japan.
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Produced and Sculpted by Wilson Choji Iguch in Brazil. Each piece is individually numbered. Comes with a full certificate of authenticity issued and signed by sculptor Wilson choji Iguch under license from the Ayrton Senna Foundation.This is not just a licensed product, Senna's family member encouraged the enhancement of the product on the artistic side in the process of the production. Then, reached completion with the full approval of Mrs. Neide Senna da Silva (mother) and Viviane Senna(sister/President of ASF).
Description: a solid bronze statue on a natural marble base plinth. Height: 36cm /14 inch (including the base),weight: 8.5kg / 19lb (including the base) This Ayrton Senna Bronze Statue will be released only through ASTEL corporation and will not be available for sale anywhere in the world.
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Photo: Viviane Senna President of Ayrton Senna Foundation

The Ayrton Senna Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit non-governmental organization, maintained 100 percent by the royalities from products using the registered Senna brand, Senna image and the trademark of the character Senninha, fully donated by the family to the Foundation.
Viviane Senna
Photo by Fabio Correa
His dream and ideal, born of his passion for his country, remained as a wating seed, a seed that was later planted, to become the Ayrton Senna Foundation (ASF). Since its foundation, the ASF has directry assisted more than 977,547 children and abolescents through programs of sports education, artistic and cultural education, vocational training, health care, nutrition, and quality in education who would otherwise be in social and/or personal risk.
Photo by Fabio Correa
L to Right: Wilson choji Iguch (sculptor), Viviane Senna (Ayrton's sister/President of The ASF), Hisatoshi Sugii (Astel Corporation CEO).
In 2001, Astel Corporation established an import & export company in Sao Paulo Brazil started exporting pharmaceutical ingredients and health and wellness products to Japan. As building a good relationship with the society, We get to meet this big opportunity under full cordination by Kenbridge LTD that we have a chance  to sell a limited edition of 1,000 pieces of Ayrton Senna bronze statue. The photo as above was taken when Hisatoshi Sugii (Astel CEO) visited The ASF in 2001.
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